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HCI London City Mission

Reaches out to various segments of the London city area. The work involves evangelistic outreaches and supporting the destitute.


HCI Foreign Missions

This is the foreign missions outreach of the Church. We work within challenging communities in some of the most deprived nations on earth.

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Jesus Party Project

We host regular Christian parties for kids and young people aimed at entertaining, educating, enriching and enlightening them. Contrary to the carnal implications of the tag ‘party’, these events while fun-filled and exciting, are calculatedly Christo-centric, spiritually-uplifting,biblically-based and life-transforming.

Meetings are on Sunday afternoon. We welcome children and young people from all backgrounds to these parties, but attendance is strictly on appointment basis. Please send us an email to indicate your intention to attend and we would get back to you with relevant details and dates.


These are the ministries of House church International. We invite you to come and be a part of what the Lord is doing by getting involved with one or more of these ministries.


Church Planting Ministry

In obedience to the Great Commission, we work towards winning souls to the Lord and working with believers to establish House churches. Do you live in an area without a living church? Do you feel called by God to start a church somewhere and would want to work with us? Are you unchurched and looking for a place to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth? Are you born again and desirous of opening your house up for House Church meetings? Do you simply want to become part of a House church?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we would be happy to work with you towards planting a house church in your location or directing you to one that exists near you, where possible.

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Global Revival Ministry

This is our global outreach programme focused on taking the whole Word to the whole world. We work with churches and ministries around the world on evangelistic, revival and humanitarian projects. We honour invitations to visit churches/groups to minister in revival and evangelistic meetings. We also partner with individuals, churches, ministries, organisations, and communities globally, to promote projects aimed at supporting the marginalised, the vulnerable, and those living in extreme poverty.

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House Church

This is our normal fellowship unit at the local level.We gather on Sundays and weekdays for collective worship and fellowship.

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