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Please use the relevant link below to contact us for fellowship, friendship and worship.

House Church Interntional

Counselling, Care and Communion

Are you oppressed, obsessed, possessed or depressed, and in need of deliverance?

Are you sad and looking for true happiness?

Are you sick and searching for healing?

Have your dreams been shattered and is your life battered and in tatters?

Are you disillusioned with mere religion & keen on serving God in the simplicity of New Testament times in a loving house church setting?

We have good news for you! There is hope and restoration.

We serve a God who answers prayers. Jesus saves, heals and delivers. Luke 4:18

You can reach us via:



House Church International

 Useful Contacts

For Fellowship and Worship with us

Join us this Sunday for fellowship and worship at the House Church. Please text or send an email to:



      For Invitations to Minister

We welcome invitations to minister in programmes globally. Send all invitations to:


      For Church Affiliation

To start a house church or if you belong to a House Church and would love to be affiliated to our ministry and benefit from the leadership we provide, please contact us via the email address below:

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